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3 Divorce Considerations During COVID-19

There has been a lot of information that has been circulating relating to the impact of Coronavirus on child and spousal support and child custody and visitation, but what about its impact on other aspects of a divorce or legal separation? Here are some other things should you consider relating to your divorce or legal … Continued

10 Ways to Care for Yourself After Divorce in 2019

Nobody gets married with the end goal of divorce.  I know that was not my plan.  But here I am, almost two years divorced, and I am in a better place than where I was.  It was not all roses - I’ve helped others get divorced for almost 10 years and it never is – … Continued

Child Support Change Ups

In any case, involving disputes about parenting time, child support is inevitably one of the issues that will come before the court. Eventually, once all is said and done, in most cases the court will enter a child support order, detailing the obligation that one party owes the other. For whatever reason, as time passes, … Continued

Domestic Violence in Family Law

Anyone who’s ever been in a relationship has probably experienced a bad relationship. While bad relationships are common, there are certain types of “bad relationships” that are distinct from the rest. These unhealthy and dangerous relationships involve domestic violence (DV).  This article, although intended to educate, is a brief overview of what happens to be … Continued

Factors Affecting Child Support in Colorado

Divorce can be a tough process for everyone.  When you have children, your case can be extra complicated and expensive.  If child support is part of your case, this article may help you understand the factors affecting the amount owed. Physical Care One factor is the time parents spend with the child(ren). Generally speaking, the … Continued

3 Questions to Consider When Contemplating Divorce

One thing still rings true in today’s society: Couples will have rough patches every so often. Whether you argue about putting the dishes away, taking out the trash, or about constantly coming home late from work during the week, having a few arguments is normal. However, if these little arguments manifest into grudges, and then … Continued

Summer Food Service Program for Colorado Children

In Colorado, summer is a magical time of year for kids. School is out. The weather warms up. Swimming pools open. The sun sets somewhere around 9 pm. It’s a magnificent time of year. It isn’t as magical for all children. Some kids rely on school breakfasts and lunches to get through the day. When … Continued

Long-Term Effects of Divorce Agreements

During the dissolution of marriage, it is essential that you consider the ramifications of any agreement, or court order for that matter, in good times and in bad. Not every dissolution of marriage is messy and expensive. Not every divorce is high conflict. But even in the situations when your parting ways may be on amicable … Continued