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3 Divorce Considerations During COVID-19

There has been a lot of information that has been circulating relating to the impact of Coronavirus on child and spousal support and child custody and visitation, but what about its impact on other aspects of a divorce or legal separation? Here are some other things should you consider relating to your divorce or legal … Continued

Divorce and Women’s Health

Going through a divorce can be the most challenging time in a woman’s life. Changes come fast and furious. It’s hard enough to adjust to being single again, but if you compound this with the financial and emotional adjustments of a divorce, a woman’s mental and physical well-being may be at risk.  The stress of … Continued

Alcohol or Drugs and Time with Your Kids

Substance abuse is a common factor of conflict for parents in a divorce. Divorce parties may turn to alcohol and drug use during the divorce process to handle stressful and sadness. With these cases, addictions can result in the separating parties choosing between family or addiction. In any circumstance, families and legal counsel will want … Continued

5 Things NOT to Post During a Divorce

Divorce is easy - said no one, ever. Going through a divorce is one of life's most stressful experiences both emotionally and financially. In today's world, we often turn to social media as an outlet to voice our opinions, seek solace with friends, or simply to keep up with the Kardashians... I mean news. As … Continued

Maintenance Payments: Who’s Income Is It?

In Colorado, maintenance (also known as alimony) is intended to help ease the financial burdens associated with divorce. A financially disadvantaged spouse married for 3-years (or more) can request maintenance. In the past, Judges had very little guidance in determining when to award maintenance and even less regarding the amount or length of payments. The … Continued

Everything to Know About Military Divorce in Colorado

Divorce is a complicated process from dividing assets and agreeing on parenting time, to spousal maintenance and contested separations. Many factors make divorce cumbersome and stressful. Unfortunately, getting a divorce gets even more complicated and difficult for the brave men and women (and their spouses) who serve our country and protect our freedoms, daily. With six … Continued

Colorado Support Groups to Help You Through Divorce

Divorce is a challenging time in a person’s life. Anyone who has been through a divorce can offer many reasons as to why divorce is painful and hard, especially if there are children involved. Your world is turned upside down, and it can be hard to return to reality and feel normal again. The problems … Continued

Supervised Parenting Time

Family law cases are trying on everyone involved and they can certainly bring out some of the worst in people. In those cases where children are involved, however, some rather negative behaviors may have been present long before the family law case was ever initiated. This brings us to our topic of today -- supervised … Continued

Family Law & Toxic Behavior

Family law cases can be draining both emotionally and financially. While there is always a certain level of difficulty expected with these cases, some cases take on a substantially worse character. For these cases, one party (or both) may begin exhibiting the following toxic behavior(s): irrationality; emotionally charged responses; unpredictability; unreasonableness; or any number of … Continued

Handling Contempt Proceedings

Family law matters are not finished just because the judge issues a final order, many times.  Many final orders court often require that certain actions are taken. However, just because a court orders something, doesn’t necessarily mean that people always comply.  You can take steps to make a party comply with a court's orders.  This … Continued

Colorado Mediation Tips

Mediation is a procedure through which you and the opposing party will be required to attempt to negotiate a settlement.  This may include the involvement of an independent third party. As you may imagine, mediation is an integral part of any domestic relations case. Although you may recognize the importance of mediation, you may have … Continued

When To File For Divorce

A question that constantly seems to come up with potential clients is, “What's the best time to file a divorce?” Unfortunately for this question, the answer largely depends on the person’s circumstances or the nature of the relief requested. Because there is no single answer that will describe the “best” time to file, this article … Continued

Splitting Personal Property in Divorce

One of the most common questions that run through someone’s mind when thinking about divorce and splitting personal property, “What’s going to happen with my stuff?” The process of divorce can be complicated. The Court is tasked with taking two people’s lives that have been inextricably intertwined, figuring out some information about the individuals, and … Continued

The Unforeseen Impacts of Technology on Marriages

Take a look around you. Think about your friends, family, and the people that surround you. Now take a moment to answer this question -- how many of these people own a smartphone, tablet, computer, or all of the above? The answer to that question is probably close to, “Every one of them.” It’s evident … Continued

Understanding Prenuptial Agreements

So just about everyone at one point in their lives has heard a saying somewhere along the lines of, “You might want to get yourself a prenup.” Beyond that, everyone probably has some ability to guess the purpose of a “prenup.” While everyone may have some notion, the actual contours of antenuptial, premarital, or prenuptial … Continued

The Benefits of a Divorce Settlement

Although a divorce settlement may not always be possible in your case, there are several benefits to consider before taking your case in front of a Judge. Peace of Mind Perhaps the most important advantage to settlement is a peace of mind.  If you are able to settle your divorce without litigation, you will know … Continued

5 Ways to Save Money in a Divorce

Divorce can be expensive, but the following are a few simple tips that will help you to minimize your legal fees.  For most people, an important objective is to save money in a divorce. 1. Pick Your Battles While each person’s situation is unique, divorces often include one common theme: conflict. Conflict is natural in … Continued

5 Tips For Winning Your Child Custody Case

Getting divorced is never easy, especially when children are involved. If you are in the process of fighting for child custody, it’s important to put your best foot forward. Here are five easy tips to remember. 5 Tips for Handling Your Custody Case Tip #1: Stay Involved Filing for divorce is a complicated process that … Continued