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Reasons To Request a Child Custody Modification

Remarkably, you’ve gone through the heartache of a divorce and managed to come up with a parenting plan that you and the other parent were able to work with. Nevertheless, you are now down the road and your lives have changed significantly. Child custody modifications are often needed as your child grows. The custody arrangement … Continued

Back to School After Covid

I know, it is now July, summer is halfway over, and check-in has already started at your child’s school, surely everyone is excited, right? So, what are you expecting in 2021 with children going back to school after a whole year of remote learning from home? It was stressful enough to accommodate your child to … Continued

Is Your Relationship Really A Common Law Marriage?

In recent years it has become customary for couples to cohabit together, share joint bills, and raise families together without the commitment of marriage. So how does the court determine if you are common law married and whether you need a divorce? The Colorado Supreme Court recently updated requirements for common law marriage. In January … Continued

Managing Your Finances During COVID-19 Pandemic

COVID-19 is scary stuff, especially at a time when pretty much all of our news feels like scary stuff. With a statewide ban on dine-in service at restaurants and bars and the required closure of all non-essential public-facing businesses for an unknown period of time, it’s no wonder some people are in freak-out mode, especially … Continued

Navigating Child Support During COVID

With the latest news from California Governor Gavin Newsome shutting down all “non-essential” businesses starting March 17, 2020, in the six local bay area counties, many parents may be wondering how to keep up with their child support payments during a time of possible unemployment. Some of my clients are lucky enough to be working … Continued

What Should I Know About Divorce

There are many important things to keep in mind when starting a divorce, such as creating financial reserves, or seeking out financial assistance, and contemplating where are you're going to be living. Other considerations are more emotionally based, designed to help survive a divorce and chart a course for a successful future after its conclusion. Top … Continued

When to Move Out

Once a spouse has decided a divorce is going to happen, continuing to live together under the same roof can be a really bad idea. Many times though, alternatives to this bad situation aren’t so clear.  Money is scarce. Options seem limited. It’s hard to see how life is going to move forward. What’s a couple supposed … Continued

Who Gets The House In A Divorce?

Often, the first issue we have to solve is where the parties are going to live. Do we continue to live together until the end of the case? Does one of us move out and if so, who pays for it? Does moving out jeopardize my interest in the home? Can I change the locks? … Continued

A General Overview of Child Support

Child support is a common issue in a divorce case with kids. Disputes over child support may significantly impact the co-parenting relationship and will affect the financial circumstances of the parents.  As attorneys, we hear child support horror stories which are misleading or outright incorrect. This misinformation can cause people who are already dealing with … Continued

Creating Your Colorado Summer Parenting Plan

When it comes to summer break, kids immediately get excited about the activities, vacations, time with friends, less early mornings, and more fun. However, for kids entering their first summer with separated parents, these sunshine-filled months can be more stressful than exciting. “Things like summer break are important to kids in ways that parents don’t … Continued

Child Custody: A Dying Phrase in Colorado

When you hear people talk about issues involving children, you are likely to hear the word custody being thrown around pretty frequently. However, in Colorado, the term “custody” has essentially become a thing of the past.  Instead, Colorado relies on the term “Allocation of Parental Responsibilities” when determining an appropriate “custody” arrangement for your child.  But … Continued

CFI vs PRE: Which Child Custody Expert Right For You?

If you find yourself in the middle of a hotly contested child custody matter, you may be wondering if a custody expert is right for your case. High-conflict cases often require CFIs or PREs.   These experts can perform specialized investigations which attorneys, parties, and even judges cannot do themselves.  However, there are several different … Continued

Substance Abuse in Family Law

No matter your circumstances, chances are you know someone who struggles with or someone who has struggled with, substance abuse issues. Now for that person, the substance abuse issues are severe enough. However, substance abuse issues can be all the more difficult in the realm of domestic relations cases, especially if there are kids involved. … Continued

Handling Contempt Proceedings

Family law matters are not finished just because the judge issues a final order, many times.  Many final orders court often require that certain actions are taken. However, just because a court orders something, doesn’t necessarily mean that people always comply.  You can take steps to make a party comply with a court's orders.  This … Continued

When To File For Divorce

A question that constantly seems to come up with potential clients is, “What's the best time to file a divorce?” Unfortunately for this question, the answer largely depends on the person’s circumstances or the nature of the relief requested. Because there is no single answer that will describe the “best” time to file, this article … Continued

Best Interest Of The Child

When Colorado courts are tasked with making an initial determination of parenting time (formerly known as “physical custody”), the standard they must apply is “best interests of the child.”  But what is "best interests?"  There are several best interest factors that the Court will take into consideration and use when formulating a parenting plan.  It … Continued

Decision Making & Divorce

Divorce cases are multifaceted, and they may become even more complex if the divorcing couple has children.  Decision-making responsibility has to be divided up like everything.  This article may help you understand how decision making is decided by a court. What is Decision-making? Decision-making is a fundamental responsibility of parents.  We all do it.  Our … Continued

How To Talk To Your Child About Divorce

Children at different developmental and maturity levels will have a different understanding of divorce and how it will change their family life. When talking to your child about divorce, it is important that you tailor your discussion appropriately so that they understand enough about the situation, but not more than what is necessary. While this … Continued