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My Ex Is Taking The Kids Out During COVID-19

Even under the best of situations, parents do not always see eye to eye on decisions about their children. Disagreement often worsens after a break up when parents go their separate ways and possibly find new partners. What if the difference of opinion rises to the level of a safety issue? What if my ex … Continued

Grandparents Rights In Dependency and Neglect

In today’s world of modern families, it’s not unusual for grandparents to seek their own rights regarding their grandchildren. This is a well-established statutory ability for grandparents (or great-grandparents). With this ability, grandparents “seek a court order granting them reasonable grandchild or great-grandchild visitation rights.” However, the implementation of these rights can only be done … Continued

Protection Orders: Temporary vs. Permanent

Family law cases can occasionally involve some rather unfortunate subject matter. Some people’s relationships may involve various forms of abuse or domestic violence. In these instances, a person may be able to seek a protection order to reduce the likelihood of future incidents. If you find yourself in the unfortunate position of wondering whether you … Continued

Father’s Rights

Family law cases vary greatly, and no two cases are quite the same. Despite the differences, there are occasionally themes that seem to emerge. One such theme that comes up rather frequently in divorce and allocation of parental responsibilities cases is that of father's rights. Often times, an individual will contact the firm and ask … Continued

Bias Against Fathers

The legal climate is subject to change. Some liken the changing notions of justice to the swinging of a pendulum. Whatever analogy seems appropriate to you, the law and perceptions of fairness are perpetually changing. Family law is no different. Current beliefs and understandings are likely to be overcome by future knowledge, much as historical … Continued

Creating Your Colorado Summer Parenting Plan

When it comes to summer break, kids immediately get excited about the activities, vacations, time with friends, less early mornings, and more fun. However, for kids entering their first summer with separated parents, these sunshine-filled months can be more stressful than exciting. “Things like summer break are important to kids in ways that parents don’t … Continued

Types of Supervised Parenting Time

Family law cases are difficult, exponentially when there are kids involved. The especially difficult cases involve some form of concerning parental behavior. In these instances, it may be appropriate to seek supervision of a parent’s time with their children. Supervised parenting time may be ordered for any number of reasons. Furthermore, supervised parenting time may … Continued

Family Law Blunders: Impacts of Social Media

In this day and age, technology is everywhere. Our appliances are being tied in with the internet, our jobs increasingly use technology, our phones are getting faster and smarter, and social media is king. With all this technology comes constant access. However, when it comes to family law, constant access to the internet might be … Continued

Support Your Ex: Spousal Maintenance

Divorce cases can be complicated, and no two cases are the same. However, there are some issues fairly common to many divorces. One such issue we frequently encounter is with regard to spousal maintenance. You might know it as “alimony” or “spousal support” or by some other name. Whatever you may call it, chances are … Continued

Motions to Enforce in Colorado

When a court enters orders, most people frequently comply with what is required. However, there are also plenty of individuals who choose to disregard court orders. Depending on the circumstances, various forms of relief may be available. We have discussed contempt proceedings in one of our other posts so that we won’t be talking about … Continued

Military Divorce in Colorado Springs

We are forever indebted to those servicemembers who fight to protect our liberties. While we hope only the best for these brave individuals, this is not always the case. Sometimes these individuals, for whatever reason, must go through the hardships of divorce just like any other person. However, unlike a divorce between average civilians, a … Continued

The Difference Between Legal Separation and Divorce in Colorado

Many people confuse legal separation and divorce.  But there’s a considerable difference between these two legal terms. Both options serve to separate couples in a marriage, and both options are enforceable by the courts, but only one choice permanently ends a marriage. Simply put, legal separation physically divides the marital estate without ending the marriage. … Continued

Possibilities for Young Lawyers in Colorado

I’ve been asked to write about “possibilities for our bar” and address “what young lawyers are looking for in a bar section” and “what the needs of young lawyers are.” Before I can answer this, I need to address who the young lawyers are and where our bar is now. In July 2014, 75% of … Continued

Parenting Agreements for Infants and Toddlers

Oftentimes, courts start with the unspoken presumption that shared parenting time is in the best interests of the children. If both parents are able to exercise 3-4 days per week, want to spend that much time with their kids, and have an established relationship with them, then we often find that the burden for obtaining … Continued

Midnight Moves – Family Law Doughnut Hole

All too frequently, I see parents in a situation where the kids have been moved without notice. One parent unilaterally decides to up and move in the middle of the night, without consent, planning, or consultation with the other parent. We call these "midnight moves". Unfortunately for the kids, the law treats this situation differently, … Continued

Imputing Wages in Spousal Maintenance Cases

With the economy, the way it is, and more people out of work now than at any time in recent memory, imputing wages is becoming a bigger part of all support cases, including cases involving spousal maintenance claims. What is Spousal Maintenance? Maintenance is support paid from one spouse to another. It used to be … Continued

Gay Marriage is Finally Legal in Colorado!

On October 7, 2014, gay marriage was legalized in the Mile High state. Paradoxically, that happened because the United States Supreme Court…. did nothing. Lower federal courts in Colorado, Utah, Oklahoma, and several other states had found that marriage bans were unconstitutional and should not be enforced. The States appealed but the United States Supreme … Continued

Marriage Equality in Colorado – Part Two: Lawsuits

In part one of our Marriage Equality in Colorado series, we focused on how Colorado came to the point where we had two institutions that reflect the formal and lawful union between two people. In this segment, we’ll address the lawsuits and rulings that have had an impact on same-sex couples in Colorado. Federal Gay … Continued