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Child Support Change Ups

In any case, involving disputes about parenting time, child support is inevitably one of the issues that will come before the court. Eventually, once all is said and done, in most cases the court will enter a child support order, detailing the obligation that one party owes the other. For whatever reason, as time passes, … Continued

Child Support Issues

If a couple decides to separate and they have kids in the mix, you better believe that they will eventually know what it means to deal with child support issues. When we say there may be child support issues, you can rest assured that there are many. Child support may seem like a pretty simple … Continued

Factors Affecting Child Support in Colorado

Divorce can be a tough process for everyone.  When you have children, your case can be extra complicated and expensive.  If child support is part of your case, this article may help you understand the factors affecting the amount owed. Physical Care One factor is the time parents spend with the child(ren). Generally speaking, the … Continued

School Choice in a Divorce: Part 2

In our last blog post, we discussed some of the considerations that may influence the determination of school choice in a divorce. In this follow-up post, we continue discussing some of the other factors that may influence the Court when it is asked to make a ruling on school choice. Educational Method There are myriad … Continued

School Choice in a Divorce: Part 1

By its very nature, divorce can be hard. There are so many issues that can be implicated in a divorce--dividing property, spousal maintenance, child support--the list goes on. However, there can be some issues that you might not consider when thinking of divorce, especially when it comes to specific issues with children. Something that inevitably … Continued

Informal vs Court Initiated Child Support Payment Modification

Child support payments can be modified to assist those who are experiencing financial difficulties. A problem arises though when a court-ordered child support payment agreement is modified outside of the court system. Informal Payment Modifications Often times, when a spouse responsible for making child support payments (the obligor) experiences financial troubles, they are likely to … Continued

Father’s Rights Attorneys

Some legal practitioners promote themselves as father’s rights attorneys, by providing services to men pursuing a divorce or need representation with child custody. But do these law firms really provide extra value or are they simply trying to capitalize on a specific niche? Family law represents the practice area that covers issues related to both … Continued

How Family Courts Protect a Child’s “Best Interests”

Divorce results in a big change in the family dynamic. While every member of the family is certainly impacted by these changes, kids often take the most time to adjust to the transition. Knowing this, Colorado family courts base their decisions involving children on what will be in their “best interests.” But what does this … Continued

Enforcing A Child Support Order in Colorado

When a parent falls on hard economic times, they may find it challenging to uphold their child support obligations each month; however, what they may not realize is that failing to make regular payments could result in very serious consequences. While their failure to pay can, first and foremost, make it difficult for the other … Continued

What is Retroactive Child Support?

Parents have a duty to care for their children, even if they're not actively raising them. The non-custodial parent typically pays child support to care for their children until they reach the age of 19. Parents who are no longer together may get a court order specifying which parent pays child support and how much he/she … Continued

3 Questions to Consider When Contemplating Divorce

One thing still rings true in today’s society: Couples will have rough patches every so often. Whether you argue about putting the dishes away, taking out the trash, or about constantly coming home late from work during the week, having a few arguments is normal. However, if these little arguments manifest into grudges, and then … Continued

Parenting Agreements for Infants and Toddlers

Oftentimes, courts start with the unspoken presumption that shared parenting time is in the best interests of the children. If both parents are able to exercise 3-4 days per week, want to spend that much time with their kids, and have an established relationship with them, then we often find that the burden for obtaining … Continued