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How Marital Debts are Distributed During Divorce

Joint debts can be a tough issue in a divorce. These debts may have terms longer than the duration of the marriage. These debts can also be a painful reminder of the marriage. Nevertheless, knowing who pays what can help you to better prepare for your transition into life as a single income earner.  In … Continued

Dividing Assets During Divorce

For many couples considering a divorce, their overarching concern is to safeguard their financial security. Part of this process involves dividing up assets and property accumulated during the marriage. But how do you go about this? Does the court take the lead on determining who gets the televisions, cars, and chinaware? You’ll be surprised to … Continued

Grandparents Rights in Colorado

Good times or bad, grandparents stand ready to lend a helping hand to their grandchildren. And when tragedy strikes, grandparents frequently assume the role of parent and tackle all of the responsibilities associated with raising a child. The importance of grandparents is unmistakable. They often provide financial, educational, and emotional stability for many children. But … Continued

Hidden Assets and Burying the Truth in Divorce

Hiding assets in a divorce and subsequently getting caught is an inevitability that evades many spouses who think they can outsmart the system. If it wasn’t illegal it would almost be comical. For the reckless, it's a time-honored tradition to try and hide assets during a divorce. They rationalize that by keeping some hidden funds … Continued

How To Safeguard Your Business In A Divorce

With all of the time, energy and resources you have put into it, your business is probably the most valuable asset you own. What many people don’t realize, however, is that they jeopardize everything they have worked for when they don’t take the right steps to plan for a contingency like a divorce. In a … Continued

Avoiding Bankruptcy After Divorce

According to research, one in ten bankruptcy petitions involve bankruptcy. Divorce is a financial challenge, but it doesn’t have to lead to bankruptcy. With the help of a skilled lawyer, you can create the right legal and financial plan to prevent bankruptcy and protect your financial security and your future. The Link Between Divorce and … Continued

Bankruptcy and Divorce: A True Fresh Start

We’ve all heard the phrase “drowning in debt.” We’ve also heard the phrase “treading water.” If, when it comes to your debt, you are “treading water” but know you’ll soon get divorced, this article is for you. Debt is Shared Equally Jack and Jill are getting divorced. They have approximately $30,000 in debt due to … Continued