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What Should I Know About Divorce

There are many important things to keep in mind when starting a divorce, such as creating financial reserves, or seeking out financial assistance, and contemplating where are you're going to be living. Other considerations are more emotionally based, designed to help survive a divorce and chart a course for a successful future after its conclusion. Top … Continued

Handling Contempt Proceedings

Family law matters are not finished just because the judge issues a final order, many times.  Many final orders court often require that certain actions are taken. However, just because a court orders something, doesn’t necessarily mean that people always comply.  You can take steps to make a party comply with a court's orders.  This … Continued

Choosing the Right Family Law Attorney

Nowadays, we’re presented with innumerable choices and it can be hard to identify the “right” choice. With so many options out there, it’s important to make an informed decision. Retaining the right legal counsel is no different. This article is aimed at discussing some of the questions you should consider when determining which family law … Continued

Informal vs Court Initiated Child Support Payment Modification

Child support payments can be modified to assist those who are experiencing financial difficulties. A problem arises though when a court-ordered child support payment agreement is modified outside of the court system. Informal Payment Modifications Often times, when a spouse responsible for making child support payments (the obligor) experiences financial troubles, they are likely to … Continued

Your First Day in Divorce Court

One of the most common themes we see repeated with our clients is an overall fear or anxiety surrounding divorce, specifically with the court system and the judicial process. But fear not! Here at MFL, we are highly familiar with the courts, and we know that there is nothing to worry about. So to help … Continued

What Are My Rights As A Father?

Courts are forbidden from favoring the mother when making child custody decisions, but unfortunately, many judges often still see the mother as the more significant influence in a child’s life. Fathers have rights too, though, and should be aware of them if they hope to be involved in their children’s lives. Those who are fighting … Continued

How Does Divorce Affect a Business?

Two of the most common binding contracts between people include marriage and business partnerships. If you are considering divorcing someone with whom you own a business, or are planning to divorce someone who owns their own business, your situation will present some unique challenges that are best left to an attorney to handle. Divorce When … Continued

Can I Get an Annulment in Colorado?

Annulment is a legal concept that makes a determination about marital status. Unlike divorce, which dissolves a legally valid marriage, an annulment in Colorado ends a marriage by declaring that it was never valid in the first place. After an annulment, the existence of the marriage is not recognized in the eyes of the law. … Continued

Should I Get a Prenuptial Agreement?

Getting married is a big decision. If you’re considering marriage, you may have heard the term “prenuptial agreement” (“prenup” for short). In short, a prenup is a legal agreement designed to protect the financial assets of one or both parties in the marriage. If for example, you’ve invested considerable money in real estate, you may … Continued

Serving Divorce Papers Via Facebook?

One Court in New York recently allowed serving divorce papers to your spouse through Facebook. It’s a huge leap forward in the arena of using social media in divorce cases, but it is a leap that, as the Court takes great pains to point out, is simply a logical extension of our ever growing connectedness … Continued

Popular Divorce Myths

The term “divorce” evokes a variety of stereotypes and assumptions. Every divorce is unique, and these presuppositions can cause unnecessary confusion. If you’re considering a divorce, it is important to figure out which of these expectations apply to your unique situation and which ones are simply myths. Below, our team of Colorado divorce attorneys compiled … Continued

Possibilities for Young Lawyers in Colorado

I’ve been asked to write about “possibilities for our bar” and address “what young lawyers are looking for in a bar section” and “what the needs of young lawyers are.” Before I can answer this, I need to address who the young lawyers are and where our bar is now. In July 2014, 75% of … Continued

Midnight Moves – Family Law Doughnut Hole

All too frequently, I see parents in a situation where the kids have been moved without notice. One parent unilaterally decides to up and move in the middle of the night, without consent, planning, or consultation with the other parent. We call these "midnight moves". Unfortunately for the kids, the law treats this situation differently, … Continued