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Monica is a first-generation American, born to two Czech parents, and a native Californian. She spent one year studying in New York, NY, two years studying in Nashville, TN, and two years promoting mental health policy in Washington, DC. Missing the California weather, the yoga enthusiasts, and Peet’s coffee, she returned to California to continue practicing family law in 2019. Monica is a native Czech speaker but also speaks French fluently as a result of attending bilingual schools through the end of high school. Monica’s immersion in other cultures helps her understand intercultural dynamics and, particularly, how those may be relevant in family law matters.

  • Favorite places ever visited: Tahiti, French Polynesia, and Dublin, Ireland.
  • Places Monica would like to visit: Thailand and Alaska.
  • First career aspiration: to be a firefighter.
  • Greatest achievement: Monica was one of a handful of initial proponents of designating a 3-digit number (988) for mental health emergencies nationwide.


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