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Holly Gutkovsky grew up in Southern California and earned her Bachelor of Arts degree from UC San Diego.  She moved to the Bay Area to pursue her law degree at the University of San Francisco School of Law.  She discovered her passion for family law while still a law student and has practiced exclusively in this area throughout her entire career.  Holly was drawn to family law because it is one of the few areas where she can almost always relate personally to something a client is going through.  Holly always wants her clients to feel like they are working with someone who understands and cares about them and their families.

  • In her spare time, Holly enjoys cooking, baking, drawing, and being a mediocre guitarist. When she has the chance to make it to the mountains, she also enjoys skiing.
  • Holly is a huge fan of live music and is constantly on the lookout for shows to attend.
  • Holly has been unable to completely lose her Southern California valley-girl accent, which most Northern Californians seem to enjoy pointing out.

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