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Avoid Overpaying for Attorney’s Fees

How to Minimize Your Legal Fees

Don’t get stuck overpaying attorney fees for your divorce case. Divorce is expensive enough. The last thing you need is for this process to be more expensive than it already is. Beware of attorneys who overcharge their clients for simple things like telephone calls, emails, and reviewing the file. Ask lawyers questions about how often they bill, what increments they bill their time in, and how you can help manage costs.

Free Consultations

Law firms and lawyers should offer you a free consultation to discuss what they may be able to do for you. They may not be able to give you legal advice; however, they should be able to give you information that’s useful to you in deciding which divorce lawyer you should hire. Make sure you discuss your case with a top divorce lawyer in a free consultation. Law firms that charge a fee for a consultation should be avoided.

Avoid Expensive Attorney’s Fees

The expense of a divorce case is usually related to attorneys charging for work that didn’t need to be done, or could have been done more efficiently. Some of this expense may be due to a client not understanding how to effectively use their attorney’s time. Clients should hold their attorneys accountable for their time entries by reviewing their billing statements carefully. Never hire a lawyer that will not provide billing statements.
The more frequently you receive itemized statements of your attorney’s time entries, the better. This gives you the opportunity to review their time on a regular basis, while it’s still fresh in your memory. If your attorney waits several weeks to provide you with billing statements for their fees in your divorce case, you are at a disadvantage for evaluating the accuracy of their time entry. Frequent billing actually helps the client save money on their divorce case by allowing them to closely monitor the attorney’s fees. Also, request that your divorce lawyer and his staff provide you copies of everything that they do, including emails, faxes and court filings.

Review Your Statements

It’s impossible to predict the result of any divorce case. Sometimes, the outcome in court can be very difficult for one spouse. Court is not a gamble, but it can be unpredictable in many ways. Many things can impact rulings in your divorce case such as how much time a court gives you to present your case, how busy the court is, or even whether the judge is having a good day.

The best way to ensure you are receiving value for your attorney fees is to review your billing statement immediately upon your receipt, call your attorney with questions, and hold your lawyer accountable for their work product. Listening carefully to your divorce lawyer’s recommendations can save you thousands of dollars in attorney fees, and in the eventual resolution of your case. You are paying the divorce lawyer for their knowledge and experience. Make sure you use it.

You can avoid overpaying by completing the following:

  • Pay close attention to statements. If you are noticing discrepancies, be sure to discuss them with your lawyer.
  • Follow up with questions immediately. The longer things go unnoticed, the more it will continue and you can end up with expenses you didn’t expect.
  • Discuss the entire situation with your attorney. Ask what they are doing, how long certain aspects may take, and how they are billing you.

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