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Child Support Formula

Calculating the Exact Amount of Child Support Involves an Attorney’s Help

In Colorado family law cases, child support is determined based on a formula established by the legislature with the advice of many different divorce lawyers and judges.

That formula considers a broad range of factors such as:

  • Income
  • Overnights
  • Other support
  • Health insurance
  • Daycare expense
  • Uncovered medical costs

It may not include things like soccer camps, school clothes, supplemental school programs, or other extracurricular activities. Then again, it might. Despite having a solid formula, much of the data used is still subject to interpretation and circumstance. No two cases are identical.

Choose a Child Support Lawyer Who Is Right for You

You should work with an attorney who has a firm understanding of child support laws, and who won’t treat your case as if it meets a “one size fits all” formula. Your attorney’s goal should be to provide the high-quality representation.

Free Colorado Divorce Forms – Divorce with Kids: Child Support Worksheets

Even though the Colorado legislature has clearly laid out a formula for child support, parties still argue extensively over the numbers that go into the support calculation. While life is better for all involved because of the formula, child support is still a persistent source of conflict in Colorado family law cases. Our firm can help you.

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