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Parental Responsibilities: Restrictions

In Allocation of Parental Rights, Co-Parenting, Colorado Family Law, Decision Making, Divorce, Domestic Violence, Parental Rights, Parenting Time - Custody by Robert Toler0 Comments

Disputes regarding parental responsibilities are some of the most common cases that come through domestic relations courts. Most parents want to have involvement with their children, and most parents do what they can to expand their parental responsibilities. However, there are occasionally cases with other …

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Domestic Violence in Domestic Relations

In Colorado Family Law, Divorce, Divorce Health, Divorce Survivor Center, Domestic Violence, Protection Orders by Robert Toler0 Comments

Coauthored By Carl F. McEncroe Anyone who’s ever been in a relationship has probably experienced a bad relationship. While bad relationships are common, there are certain types of “bad relationships” that are distinct from the rest. These unhealthy and dangerous relationships involve domestic violence (DV). …